Fabulous things happen when you combine the power of broadband with great content and curious kids.

Cable's broadband technology and exceptional educational resources allow all kinds of learners to benefit from interactive digital environments using text, images, audio, video, and animations.

Coaster Crafter:
Build. Ride. Scream!

In Coaster Crafter, important science, math, and engineering concepts are embedded in the activities of designing, building, testing, and then taking a virtual ride in your roller coaster. The science is cool, the game features are compelling, and it’s fun!

This free game is aimed at middle school and older students, particularly girls, and includes an extensive teacher’s guide with connections to state science and math standards as well as expert videos with scientists and engineers from the Johns Hopkins University and NASA.

Your Adventure in Politics

Embark on the journey to become the next United States President through this free game. Choose your platform, raise funds, handle the media – and dig deeper by watching short video clips.

Inspired by the classic board game "The Game of Life," you will become a virtual candidate running for President. The one or two-player game is both genuinely entertaining and genuinely educational - with emphasis on delivering a fun learning experience. Kids can play with parents, students with teachers, users of all ages with a friend, classmate, or with a computer-generated opponent.

Subject to Change

In this "slice of learning," you can explore how Shakespearean texts have come to be, from his own pen to the printing process to performances on stage and screen.

Points of interest on the journey include:

  • A timeline for the journey of Hamlet for pen to stage, showing the writing process.
  • A look at altered texts, showing how print-composers altered Shakespeare's plays.
  • Film clips of two different versions of Hamlet. . . and more!